Hell Project

“Idiots!” Alex said. His rage was palpable, and David fretted that the blood vessel bulging in his forehead would burst.

“Never on time, never fast enough, never takes initiative, never communicates, the whole lot of them are utter retarded fucks” Alex screamed. “Well, I mean maybe we didn’t give them enough work, maybe we didn’t talk to them”, David retorted.

“Well, they should show initiative, shouldn’t they? I shouldn’t have to tell them, do this or do that. They should just fucking do it!”

“And what good does rage do? We can’t control them, all we can do is push forward. Make this project the best it can be regardless of the factors that stand in the way of its success.”

“What’s the point in trying when the obstacles are so great? What’s the point in trying when your work will be roadblocked constantly by fools!”

“Well, you just described life itself didn’t you? Life is full of onerous obstacles and foolish people who will play you.”

“So, why does anyone try at all?”

“Because what else are you supposed to do? Lie in bed and cry? Drink copiously? What are you going to do if you decide that life itself isn’t worth doing?”

Alex slumped his shoulders as a sense that he had been defeated overcame him. “He’s right” he thought but didn’t say.

David continued, “For better or for worse, life’s hard. You need to take pleasure in the little things. In the journey itself and not in some destination. You can’t take pleasure in success regardless of whether we’re talking the success of a project or the nebulous notion of success in life itself.”

David then looked Alex straight in the eye, Alex met him with a slight smile which David returned in kind. “We should go back, can’t be gone for too long after all” said David.

They walked back into the room and saw all the other projects. Those projects were all better.