Morning Routine

His mind drifted in and out of consciousness. Reality mixed with dreams and his grogginess coloured his perceptions. He took out his phone and took a look at his dating apps.

No matches

He groaned and he spent a few moments engaging in certain activities that will not be described here. His passions felt dull after, but he still felt a sense of regret and loneliness stir within him. Within a moment, he caught himself and squashed those feelings.

What good would it do to let the negativity overwhelm me?

He brought himself out of bed. Wrote a typically self-pitying and overly philosophical entry in his journal before going to the shower.

He brought the handle all the way to the right and the shower sputtered to life. The freezing cold water greeted him with glee and his body replied with shock. He let the shock dissipate and he cleansed himself. The shock helped him feel alive, as so often he did not.

He grabbed a toothbrush and started brushing his teeth. Then, he took out some Gillette shaving cream and applied it across his face before bringing out his blade and completing the shave.

The cold felt better

He went to the fridge and downed two meal replacements. There was never enough time for breakfast.

He went over to the closet. Took out his coat and put it on. His gloves, hat and scarf followed his coat onto his body. He looked into the mirror and felt a brief burst of pride.

At least, I look good

He opened the door and walked out. The door shut and the lock engaged but there was no one to hear it.