Rule #1: Never watch more than an hour of TV on a day belonging to the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Rule #2: When engaging in an action involving others, think of how you’d feel if you were them and you saw yourself doing that action

Rule #3: Never use others as means only ends

Rule #4: When considering a course of action, ask yourself “What if my conduct were to be considered a precedent for others?”

Rule #5: Read a bit everyday

Rule #6: When you don’t want to follow the rules anymore, remind yourself that life is short and you will die one day

Rule #7: When you still don’t want to follow the rules, ask yourself “When I’m on my death bed, will I be happy with my current course of action?”

Rule #8: When you still don’t want to follow the rules, remind yourself that these rules are meant to produce a balanced life

Rule #9: When you ask yourself if you want balance, remind yourself that balance is preferable to excess

Rule #10: When life feels dull, remind yourself that dullness is a matter of perspective. To a man who sleeps on a grate, your life is significantly preferable to his own. To a boy chafing under the restrictions of his parents, your life would be much more fulfilling.